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The relics in of Con Dao

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Nutrition The Lord ISLAND

Nutrition The Lord ISLAND
In addition to football camps and prison facilities, Con Dao system other relics are still kept it intact as the Lord Monument Island, Ma Thien Lanh Bridge, historic pier 914 ...
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The total area of ​​18.600m2 in which the primary and secondary 1.250m2, 17.000m2 garden.

This is whe-re the name and work of Princess Island 53 through 113 years (1862-1975)

Since the release so far, the Island Princess is used as a display of relics souvenirs island.

Princess Island mansion




Foothills of the Lord, I ran to the town duongtu divided into three branches:

- The first branch runs f-rom Hang Duong Cemetery.

- The second branch runs through the Title Department.

- Branch No. 3 (in between two other branches) runs straight up the mountain pass, he crashes the party to dump Mr The west coast of the island.

F-rom 1930-1945 the French to open this branch of Mr. sentence for convenient control of the escapees.

When the hell paved the way tank captured prisoners on the pass he carried stones to build a bridge. Because of steep mountain terrain and dangerous, too much heavy labor services, harm to the prisoner killed 356 people (in the prison mental calculation) that for only newly built pier were two, each about 8 m high abutment.

August 1945 Revolution successful, this work left unfinished.


Natural Bridge leading ma


Name MA kindness by prisoners named mountains in Korea Consul Ma God, evil difficult terrain up and down, derived f-rom the story board "Qui Nhan Chinh East Item" to name this bridge.



Piers located in the heart of the town beach island (the island in front of God).

Piers were built starting in 1873. This is the place that witnessed extreme humiliation of those who first made the island prison, many people just over the bridge once and forever rest in Con Dao. But the pier is also witnessed moments of glory thrilled every occasion island was liberated.


914 Pier history


The number 914 is named for the prisoner to be recited by the number of prisoners for TB epidemic falls and accidents in the slave bridge.

There are many documents named a number of different berths: 871, 917, 917 but many people know the name of the most popular 914.


IV. County Public

The pier in the left (about 20 meters f-rom the coast) has a built NVA same time Pier, wall plaques inscribed with the word French: "Dans cette maison, le grand vecut Camille compositeur Saint du 20 mars au-Saeens 19 Avril 1895. Acheva 1/opera BRUNEHILDA II. "

Công quán

The Pub (Photo: Quang Bao)


Meaning: In this house, the great composer Camille Saint-Saeens lived f-rom 20-3 to 19-4-1895. Here he completed his musical BRUNEHILDA.

It is the remains of a great composer of the French Academy at the foot of Pa-Ri has visited the island.


V. Hang Duong cemetery

There area about 20 ha, is the resting place of thousands of revolutionary fighters and patriotic people of Vietnam through the studio lot in prison has lasted 113 years under the yoke of sacrifice turn brutal colonial and imperial the country.

Golf Hang Duong Cemetery ceremony


Con Dao Hang Duong Cemetery is a monument base c-haracteristics, value htuc regime's accusations, imperialism and traditional education for future generations. Thus Con Dao Hang Duong Cemetery different f-rom the martyrs' cemetery in the country, without fanfare other than historical fact that in harmony with the natural scenery, striking deep memorial.

A land holding in Con Dao Hang Duong Cemetery is a trace of how revolutionary event for fallen soldiers, fight every time.

"Kunlun Mountains is mixed with blood

Kunlun land five or six layers of mist

Each step a life cover

Each stone is a suffering sky "


"Hang Duong Cemetery buried bag fate

Out of this class, other classes on

On the flat land area not Nhon up

No gravestone, no name and no age "


CON DAO Hang Duong cemetery was constructed and embellished on 19/12/1992 divided into four zones:

AREA A: Including 688 graves (with 7 graves) whe-re 86 graves have names and 602 anonymous graves. Most of the graves f-rom 1945 and earlier.It is revolutionary martyrs tomb Le Hong Phong and patriot Nguyen An Ninh.

AREA B: includes 695 graves (with 17 mass graves) of which 275 and 420 known graves of anonymous graves. Most of the graves f-rom 1945 to 1960. Here is the grave of the heroine and hero Vo Thi Sau CAO NGOC VAN.

AREA C: includes 372 tombs (with a collective tomb) whe-re 329 graves have names and 43 anonymous graves. Most of the graves f-rom 1960 to 1975. Here are the tombs of heroes VIETNAMESE LE VAN.

SECTION D: includes 148 graves, including 11 known graves and 137 anonymous graves. Area D is a special set of rules tomb burials f-rom Hon Cau and Hang on Keo.

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