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Brief History of Con Dao

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Con Dao is an archipelago off the name of Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Vung Tau to 97 knots and 45 knots Hau River. Con or Con Son Island as well, or to name the largest island in the archipelago. Vietnam History 20th century is often called the island of Con Son Island or Kunlun mountains. Former name in the text is in English and French Poulo Condor. In 1977, the National Assembly of Socialist Republic of Vietnam has decided to officially name the island. Con Dao is also the administrative district of Ba Ria-Vung Tau.
Con Dao
Con Dao
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Do positioned on the sea linking Europe - Asia. Western island is known very soon.

F-rom the thirteenth century (1294) Group's crew called the Italian explorer Marco Polo, including 14 units on the way f-rom China to the country engulfed in a storm takes 8 units, the rest had drifted into the residence in Con Dao .

XV-XVI century there is a lot of European travel groups visit visit the island.

Late seventeenth century and early eighteenth century capitalist Britain, France began eyeing the Orient. Many times the East-India Company of Britain, France to the island to the investigation and scrutiny every situation with the invasion plot. In 1702, Lord Nguyen Phuc Chu lifetime, the 12th year, the company East - India blatantly his troops to build a fortress island, the flag pole.

After 3 years (dated 3-2-1705) occurs uprising MACASSAR Malay (mercenaries of the British government) by the Nguyen government policy and command organization to protect the territorial integrity of origin in hand, British troops to leave the island.

On 28-11-1783, Pigneau de Behaine (Ba Da Loc) during a scene and royal princes brought publication of Lord Nguyen Anh in France, self-representations of Nguyen Anh signed with Earl De Montmarin representing King Louis 16 Treaty of Versailles. It documents the first part of the Nguyen Dynasty ceded sovereignty to the French seaport of Danang and the Kunlun island. To claim help Nguyen Anh four French warships, 1,200 soldiers, 200 gunners, 250 soldiers returning to combat non-Tay Son. But the internal affairs of France at that time being very serious crisis the French court should not make commitments, Versailles Treaty, as well as legally not actually worth anything.

On 1-9-1858 attack French occupation of Da Nang, Son Tra Peninsula, preparing reviews of Hue.

May 2-1859 after the bloody battle at Vung Tau (10-2-1859), Gio (11-2-1859) French invaders down the Gia Dinh (17-2-1859).

April 4-1861, The Wall invaded France. It was during this time, France urgent question occupied the island for fear of jumping into British hands skim over important strategic positions this.

On 28-111861, Bonard (hydraulic engineers blatantly French admiral ordered the ships to notify Kunlun Norzagaray to invade at 10 am.

Name the French naval lieutenant Joachim Nicolas Sebastien Lespes chest pat themselves on behalf of France officially dominating set Kunlun island with one record: "Declaration of aggression."

On 14-1-1862 cargo ship (Nièvre) carrying a number of staff to the island, they are tasked to find a convenient location makeshift lighthouse island, to prevent processing if there is any water reactive aggression .

Dinh chúa đảo

Dao Dinh Lord (Quantitative Director)

            On 1-2-1862 sign Bonard decided to establish the prison island, and f-rom there turn Kunlun mountains, the fresh sea air into "hell".

Kunlun Islands before the French province of Ha Tien, later renamed to the jurisdiction of Vinh Long.

On 16-5-1882, French President Jules Grevy signed decree recognizing Kunlun is an archipelago of the Southern District.

May 9-1954, masking continued Ngo Dinh Diem regime of the French prison renamed Kunlun island of Con Son island.

On 22-10-1956, the ordinance established the province of signing Kunshan, an uninhabited province, only the apparatus of prison and jail.

On 24-4-1965, Saigon puppet Government changed the basis Province Kunshan Kunshan Administration under the Ministry of the Interior and the governor was changed to administration special envoy.

After the Paris Agreements (27-1-1973) Nguyen Van Thieu puppet Government to mislead international public opinion, to change the name of this island again. Phu Hai Cai strange name (town, Phu Hai Gia Dinh province) is mentioned in the text-message-f-rom masking f-rom Nagy 1-11-1974 U.S. and is on the island as well as the camps are grafted the word "government."

Camp Phu Hai Phu Hai rehabilitation center

            On 1-5-1975, Con Dao complete liberation, freedom f-rom "hell" through 113 years.

May 5-1975, Con Dao island province called.

May 1-1977, Con Dao district - Hau Giang Province.

May 5-1979, Con Dao district - the District of Vung Tau - Con Dao.

May 10-1991 to present: Con Dao District, Ba Ria-Vung Tau province.


The administrative apparatus and the population:

Con Dao is now a first-level district government, through the district authorities, directly to residential areas. Population in 2003 was the end of 4466 people, of the nine neighborhoods.

* Con Dao Town is located on a semicircle in the valley coordinates 106036/10 / / north latitude. Average elevation of about 3 m above the sea.Length f-rom 8 to 10 km and a width of 2 to 3 km. One face looks out to sea (SOUTH EAST BAY). The remaining three sides surrounded by mountains, the main focus here all economic life, politics and society of both islands.

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